CEIO Information

CEIO Certification

The North Carolina Minority and Women Business Enterprise Coordinators' Network offers a voluntary professional certification program for supplier diversity professionals called Certified Economic Inclusion Officer (CEIO).  With the assistance of the UNC School of Government, courses are offered that will meet some of the eligibility criteria set forth below. Individuals seeking CEIO certification will demonstrate sufficient knowledge, abilities, and experience in legal requirements and practical aspects of administering a HUB, MWBE, or DBE program in the State of North Carolina. To obtain CEIO certification, applicants must, among other things, complete this course and pass an examination administered by the UNC School of Government.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Be a Network member in good standing
  2. Two years of experience in the public supplier diversity profession
  3. Complete three (3) courses taught by the UNC School of Government
  4. Attend at least one Network Annual Conference
  5. Pass all sections of the CEIO certification examination administered by the UNC School of Government
  6. Earn 100 certification points.

HOW TO APPLY- Applications must be submitted by March 31, 2021

For full information about certification requirements see the following applications.

For additional information email ceio@mwbecoordinators.org